China Matters Young Professionals is a project of China Matters that was established in 2016 to provide a unique platform for Australians in the early stages of their careers to examine, debate and publish on policy issues pertaining to the Australia-China relationship.

The Young Professionals project aims to create a dialogue between outstanding young individuals aged 35 or under who work in business and the public service, especially those dealing with foreign policy and security issues as well as trade and investment flows between Australia and China.

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You Catch More Flies with Honey: Space cooperation with the PRC

Annie Handmer 06 02, 2018

successful landing of Chang’e-4 on the far side of the moon in January 2019 focussed the world’s attention on the space program of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). From the early ‘two bombs, one satellite’ policy of the Mao era, the PRC’s development in space technologies has been rapid, and the PRC is on track to be a major space power by 2030

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