China Matters held its Second Young Professionals National Meeting in partnership with Asialink Business on 25 August 2017 at the University of Melbourne. Each session ended with one or two policy recommendations for the Australian government and business community.

The two panel sessions focused on:

  • Does the Belt and Road Initiative threaten Australia’s interests?
  • Should values be central to Australia’s China policy?

Panellists included Mr Michael McGregor, Policy Officer, China Economic and Trade Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Mr Gregory Sadler, Director of Risk, Critical Infrastructure Centre, Attorney-General’s Department; Ms Susan Travis, Lead Analyst, CHIIA, East Asia Bureau of Economic Research, ANU; Ms Louise Clegg, Business Development Manager for Asia, Evolution Healthy Pty Ltd; Mr Martin Symonds, Assistant Director Regional Strategy, Department of Defence; Mr Paul Hubbard, Manager, G20 Policy, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Session I was moderated by Mr Thomas Day, Business Development Manager, Asialink Business China Practice. Session II was moderated by Ms Erny Wah, Advisor, North Asia and Trade International Division, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet.