On 5 December 2018 China Matters held its Sixth Young Professionals Debate featuring one young professional and one special guest on each debate team.

The two teams debated the question:

‘Does the People’s Republic of China pose a threat to academic freedom in Australia?’

Team 1 on the affirmative: Jane Golley and Belinda McEniery

Team 2 on the negative: Geraldine Doogue and Simone van Nieuwenhuizen

Moderated by: Dirk van der Kley

The evening saw a lively discussion between panellists and the audience, debating issues including threats to academic freedom on university campuses, research collaboration with the PRC, and Confucius Institutes.

Jane Golley and Belinda McEniery on the affirmative team were voted by the audience as the winning team for putting forward the most convincing argument.