China Matters held its Sixth National Meeting in Canberra on 17 October 2017 in partnership with the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. Senior business executives and government officials discussed ways for Australia to respond to an ever-more ambitious People’s Republic of China. Each session ended with one or two policy recommendations for the Australian government.

The three panel sessions focused on:

  • How should Australia respond to Xi Jinping’s ambition?
  • Australia needs PRC investment. But how to deter PRC control, especially in critical infrastructure?
  • How does Australia respond to growing PRC influence and activity in Australia, without creating prejudice against Chinese-Australians?

Professor Brian Schmidt AC FAA FRA, Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University, delivered the welcoming dinner’s keynote address. The dinner was co-hosted by Professor Michael Wesley, Dean of the College of Asia & the Pacific, Chair of China Matters Advisory Council; and Dr Brendan Taylor, Acting Director of the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.