China Matters held its Fourth National Meeting in Perth on 22 September 2016 in partnership with the Perth USAsia Centre. Business executives and government officials discussed the impact on Australia of China’s strategic regional ambitions, China’s transitioning economy and the Chinese government’s activities in Australian society. Each session ended with one or two policy recommendations for the Australian government.

The three panel sessions focused on:

  • Do China’s regional ambitions threaten Australia’s interests?
  • Does Australia really welcome investment from China? A closer look at agribusiness in Western Australia and northern Australia
  • China’s deepening engagement in Australian society: Is it a concern?

Mr Mike Smith OBE, Senior Advisor to PwC Australia’s Asia Practice and former CEO of ANZ Banking Group, delivered the welcoming dinner’s keynote address. The dinner was co-hosted by Professor Gordon Flake, CEO of Perth USAsia Centre, and Ms Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters.