Beware the China alarmists out there










Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters, cautions against the risks of black-and-white thinking regarding Australia’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China. She notes the influence of the Chinese government in many aspects of Australian society, from the higher education sector through to individual politicians and political parties. She writes that we must value the contribution of Australian Chinese communities to our society, while at the same time we must not compromise the values that underpin Australia. To resolve this conflict, she calls for increased transparency from both Chinese and Australian individuals and institutions, as well as dealing with the Australia-China relationship with nuance and realism.

(23 September 2016, The Australian) Read more here.

Australian businesses need to help shape our China strategy

Andrew Parker, China Matters Board Director, partner and Asia Practice leader at PwC, and Dr. Bates Gill, China Matters Board Director and professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies at Australian National University, argue that Australia needs to integrate our economic relationship with our security and political relationship with China.

(Australian Financial Review 10 August 2016 ) Read more here.

Linda Jakobson in conversation with The Hon Bob Carr

Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters, and The Hon Bob Carr, discuss China’s role and ambitions as a international actor at the Australia-China Relations Institute event ‘What does China want?’.

Watch video in Mandarin here from Phoenix TV 鳳凰衛視


Submarines from Japan or not?

Hugh White, Defence scholar at ANU, argues that Australia needs to carefully consider the strategic implications of a submarine deal with Japan. An alliance relationship with Japan could seriously jeopardise Australia’s relationship with China and endanger our entire future in Asia (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 March 2016). Read it here.

Murray McLean, Chair of the Australia-Japan Foundation and a Member of the Board of the Australia Japan Business Cooperation Committee, argues that the submarine deal should instead be awarded to the highest bidder and Australia need not lend so much weight to strategic considerations (The Australian, 29 March 2016). Read it here.

Amanda Vanstone, former Howard Government minister, cautions against a submarine deal with Japan, noting potential issues with a lack of due process and consultation, unproven record of Australia-Japan defence procurement, historic lack of technology and jobs transfers, and the strategic risk of damaging our China ties (Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 2016). Read it here.