China Matters has mobilised a diverse group of Australian policy thinkers to formulate a ‘new’ China narrative for the incoming Australian government.

The next-to-final draft of ‘A new China narrative for Australia’ is the result of several brainstorming sessions, involving at least 30 Australian individuals from security, business, the university sector, and the public service. Ms Linda Jakobson, CEO and Founding Director of China Matters is the principal contributor to the narrative, with additional contributions from Prof Stephen FitzGerald AO, Prof Allan Gyngell AO, Mr Jackson Kwok, Mr Andrew Parker and Prof Michael Wesley.

The idea emerged following feedback from the China Matters Explores policy brief, ‘Is there a problem with Australia’s China narrative?‘ which Linda Jakobson co-authored with  Professor Stephen FitzGerald. Rather than find fault and point out current failings, they felt it more prudent to explore what a new China narrative might look like.

“Despite our differences, and the challenges we have faced, Australia and China have built a constructive relationship over the last 47 years, and both countries have benefited immensely. The relationship today is comprehensive. But this time of enormous change demands that Australia have a new China narrative.” – A new China narrative for Australia

China Matters is still continuing the consultative process and seeks to initiate a public debate on the contents of the Narrative.

We request comments and suggestions be sent to [email protected] between 1 April and 30 April 2019.

This feedback will be published online at our website:

As of 1 May the authors will review what was said at the launch of ‘A new China narrative for Australia’, as well as the suggestions sent by email. A final revision will take place in May before the narrative is presented to the new Government after the federal election.