China Matters is an Australian public policy initiative that seeks to and advance sound policy, and stimulate a realistic and nuanced discussion of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) among Australian business, government and the security establishment. We bring together government ministers, members of parliament, senior public servants, and business leaders to focus on one of the most demanding aspects of Australia’s future and discuss policies that would best address the challenges in Australia-China relations. We also contribute to the public debate via opinion pieces and interviews in the media, and public presentations.

China Matters Young Professionals is a project of China Matters, which provides a unique platform for Australians, aged 35 and under, to examine, debate and publish on policy issues pertaining to the Australia-China relationship.

The bi-annual YP national meetings bring together a diverse set of young professionals from government, business and academia, all of whom are affected by the rise of the PRC in one way or another. The goal is to discuss prominent (and sometimes controversial) topics surrounding the Australia-China relationship and then formulate tangible policy recommendations that can be used to strengthen Australian policy towards the PRC.

The fifth national meeting of China Matters Young Professionals will be held in Canberra on March 8 2019.  Participants travelling interstate will be offered a stipend to assist with transport and/or accommodation expenses.

The YP national meetings are a fantastic way for young professionals to participate in the discussion, learn from and network with other young professionals from a wide variety of fields, and be part of an ongoing community of future leaders.

We ask that you kindly fill in the google form linked below. Should your application be unsuccessful for the next YP National Meeting, we may still choose to invite you to this year’s second YP National Meeting.

Submissions close at midnight on the 25th of January, 2019. We recommend that you apply early as applications are assessed on a rolling basis.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitant contact us at [email protected].

Apply here: 

Please feel free to disseminate this application to interested young professionals 35 and under.