Young Professionals National Meetings

About YP National Meetings

The Young Professionals national meeting is designed to emulate the structure and content of the China Matters National Meeting for senior officials. The goal is to bring together a diverse set of young professionals from government, business and academia, all of whom are affected by China’s rise in one way or another. Each national meeting will address a few key challenges that China’s rise poses for Australia spanning geopolitics, society and economics. The meeting strives to discuss controversial but prominent issues and from these discussions our participants will formulate policy recommendations to strengthen Australian policy towards China.

National Meetings

Fifth YP national meeting, 8 March 2019, in partnership with the Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australia National University, Canberra
Fourth YP national meeting, 7 September 2018, in partnership with Perth USAsia at St George’s College, Perth.
Third YP national meeting, 23 March 2018, in partnership with China Australia Millennial Project at Tank Stream Labs, Sydney.
Second YP national meeting, 25 August 2017, in partnership with Asialink Business at the University of Melbourne.
Inaugural YP national meeting, 15 November 2016, in partnership with the Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University, Canberra.