Third National Meeting

China Matters held its Third National Meeting in Sydney on 7 April 2016 in partnership with The University of Sydney Business School. Business executives and government officials discussed the impact on Australia of, on the one hand, China’s growing political and military power, and on the other hand, China’s slowing economic growth. Each session ended with one or two policy recommendations for the Australian government.

The three panel sessions focused on:

  • Do China’s regional ambitions threaten Australia’s interests?
  • Has the Chinese government lost control of core areas of the economy? What are the implications for Australian business? How should Australia respond?
  • Is there a problem with Chinese money?

Read the discussion papers here.

Arthur Kroeber, author of a new book The Chinese Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know, delivered the welcoming dinner’s keynote address: “Can China avoid the Japan trap?” The dinner was co-hosted by Founding Director of China Matters, Ms Linda Jakobson, and PwC Deals Partner and Asia Practice Leader and China Matters Board Director, Mr Andrew Parker. The dinner’s special guest was former Board Director of China Matters Ms Frances Adamson, International Advisor to the Prime Minister.

View photographs of the national meeting and the welcome dinner. Also, see the event’s participants, and agenda.

Chinese modern art on loan from Vermillion Art was on display during the meeting. The two bigger pieces were by artist Cang Xin. Vermilion Art will host Cang Xin’s exhibition in Sydney starting 22 April.