Xi Jinping & Donald Trump's Meeting at the G20
People's Daily (人民日报)
03 December 2019

The following is a translation of an article published by People’s Daily (人民日报), the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China. The article is a Zhongsheng (钟声) commentary, a homophone for ‘Voice of China’, which specifically covers foreign policy issues.

People’s Daily Zhongsheng Commentary: Promoting the Healthy and Stable Development of US-China Relations

History and reality prove that cooperation is the best choice for both sides, and only a win-win situation can lead to a better future.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to dinner and to meet with American President Donald Trump in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires on the evening of December 1, local time. In a frank and friendly atmosphere, the two heads of state exchanged in-depth views on US-China relations and international issues of common concern. They reached important consensus, indicating the future direction of US-China relations.

During the meeting, President Xi pointed out that China and the US share important responsibilities in promoting world peace and prosperity. A good US-China relationship is in the fundamental interests of their peoples and is also a general expectation of the international community. President Trump agreed with this evaluation of relations between the two countries and considers the US-China relationship as very special and important. Both countries are globally influential. Maintaining good cooperative relations is beneficial to both sides and to the world. Consensus was reached by the two heads of state. Both will stop adding new tariffs on each other and will take steps toward cancelling all tariffs. They will intensify consultations and will reach a mutually beneficial concrete agreement as soon as possible. This will not only benefit the development and well-being of the peoples of China and the US, it is also conducive to the steady growth of the world economy and in the interest of all countries.

This was the first meeting of the two heads of state since their meeting in Beijing last November. Except for two telephone conversations, it is also the first time the two heads of state have met face-to-face since bilateral economic and trade frictions escalated in March this year. They agreed to maintain close contact through visits, meetings, calls, communications, and so forth, jointly leading the direction of the development of US-China relations. And they will resume exchange visits in due course. Diplomacy by the heads of state has a leading strategic role in the development of US-China relations. The benign interaction between the two heads of state has made clear the direction and plans for healthy and stable development of US-China relations.

The key to developing US-China relations is that both parties must have an accurate judgement of each other’s strategic intentions. Negative voices in the US about China have been increasing for some time and the overall relationship between them has attracted world attention. During this meeting, the two heads of state agreed that US-China relations must and certainly will be done well.  They agreed to promote fundamental relations through coordination, cooperation and stability. The important consensus reached by the heads of state in developing bilateral relations is conducive to bringing the two together from opposite directions and jointly safeguarding the overall health and stable development of US-China relations. It is also conducive to jointly promoting world peace and prosperity.

China and the US are the world’s top two economies, the largest developing country and the largest developed country. The two countries have broad common interests and huge space for cooperation, but it is inevitable that there will be differences in some areas. The problems are not terrible. The key is to solve them through dialogue and negotiation. As former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pointed out: “Developing US-China relations requires strategic thinking and foresight. The US and China must better understand each other, strengthen strategic communication and continuously expand common interests. They must properly manage differences and show the world that their common interests are far greater than their differences.” On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, China and the US can properly resolve the problems arising in the development of bilateral relations through friendly consultation in the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. They can continue to expand the basis for cooperation and make a cake of common interests. The results of the meeting of the heads of state again showed that the common interests between China and the US are greater than their differences, and the need for cooperation overcomes friction. The two countries have sufficient political wisdom to develop their bilateral relations on the basis of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

China and the US will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on 1 January next year. US-China relations have experienced storms and bumps over the past 40 years, but the overall situation has remained stable. History and reality prove that cooperation is the best choice for both sides, and only a win-win situation can lead to a better future. In the face of a profound and complicated international situation, China and the US should proceed from the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries and the people of the world in accordance with the important consensus reached by the two heads of state. They should promote the healthy and stable development of US-China relations, giving the two peoples greater feelings of satisfaction and achievement.


Translation by: Chris Lanzit, NAATI Certified Professional Translator (Chinese-English), NAATI Practitioner ID: CPN0BC84W

Date of Translation: 13 December 2018

Reviewed by Dr. Graeme Ford (NAATI No. 5046) and Chris Lanzit

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