Australian Prime Minister Morrison affirms that Chinese immigrants contribute to Australia
09 October 2019
ACB News
08 October 2019

The following is a synopsis of Chinese-language news articles, compiled by China Matters Junior Fellow Intern, Jessie Ding.

This article was first published on the Australia-based Chinese-language news site, ACB News, and was republished by Guancha on 9 October 2018.

ACB News – Aohua Finance Online

by Zhang Zhisen


On Thursday 4 October 2018, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Immigration David Coleman travelled to Hurstville to attend a Chinese-Australian community event. They met with local businesses and had lunch with Chinese community representatives. During the event, Morrison delivered a speech. His speech emphasised the importance of keeping Australians together, recognised the many contributions the Chinese Australian community has made, and affirmed his commitment to strengthening Australia-China relations. Whilst some people in attendance remarked that Morrison’s words appeared to be superficial and characteristic of a new Prime Minister, the author, Zhang, felt that Morrison’s speech was rational, frank and sincere. Zhang is hopeful that the new Prime Minister will prioritise Australia’s interests over party factionalism.


Who hosted the PM?

Local businesses and Chinese community representatives in Hurstville.

Key points in the article

  • PM Morrison’s comments demonstrate his political courage and sense of responsibility amid a climate of criticism regarding the Chinese Australian community
  • Current political and global climate has allowed PM Morrison to deliver his Australia-China sentiments with clarity
  • The author is hopeful that Morrison’s ‘deeds’ will align with his ‘words’, and that the present government will prioritise Australia’s interests above party factionalism

What points of the speech were highlighted?

  • Goal of governance of the Morrison government: to build a stronger Australia by keeping Australians together. This means acknowledging that Chinese Australians are a vital asset to Australia.
  • Expressing appreciation and gratitude to the Australian Chinese community for their practical contributions to Australian society throughout the years (including involvement in war and in sports)
  • The importance of maintaining good Australia-China relations and promoting the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and increased intergovernmental dialogue at upcoming global summits
  • Differences between Australia and China should be approached constructively, according to principles of equality and mutual respect
  • Potential to further the relationship in many industries and sectors
  • Reaffirming the role and contribution of immigrants

Zhang Zhisen is the Editor-in-Chief of Aohua Finance Online Review and Research Fellow at the Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University.

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