Bates Gill in SMH: Relations risk turning sour

Board Director Bates Gill, and ANU Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies, provided expert commentary for an editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald. It was a reminder that we are far less important to our largest trading partner than it is to us. As China becomes bolder in its ambition, our politicians cannot avoid responding to alarm over Chinese foreign investment and the type of influence-peddling highlighted by the Sam Dastyari affair. Questions that were overlooked when the economic times were good will need to be debated. Amid a deepening sense of unease about what kind of partner China is, we are entering a period of welcome sharper scrutiny of how our economic interests can best be balanced with our core civic values and national security.

(12 September 2016 The Sydney Morning Herald) Read more here.

ABC News Report on Controversies re Chinese Money

ABC News’s Chris Uhlmann reports on the context behind and controversies around the recent decision to block the sale of half of Ausgrid to State Grid and Cheung Kong Infrastructure. Founding Director Linda Jakobson provides commentary on the delicate balance that Australia needs to strike between the opportunities China provides, on the one hand, and our values, as an open society, and security, on the other hand.

(ABC News 21 August 2016) Watch more here.

Australian businesses need to help shape our China strategy

Andrew Parker, China Matters Board Director, partner and Asia Practice leader at PwC, and Dr. Bates Gill, China Matters Board Director and professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies at Australian National University, argue that Australia needs to integrate our economic relationship with our security and political relationship with China.

(Australian Financial Review 10 August 2016 ) Read more here.

Geoff Raby in AFR on Hague decision

Former Australian Ambassador to China Geoff Raby writes on the consequences of the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague for China’s claims in the South China Sea.

Raby explains why this poses a challenge for China, and how careful negotiation and statesmanship is the most advisable course of action in resolving the issue.

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Hear Bates Gill on Xi Jinping’s Foreign Policy (on 14 July)

Dr Bates Gill, China Matters Board Director and leading expert on China and East Asian strategic affairs, will be discussing China’s future under Xi Jinping in Melbourne on the 14th of July, 2016. Drawing from more than 30 years experience with Chinese affairs, Dr Gill will be tackling questions on Xi’s leadership, domestic reform agenda, China’s relationships with its regional neighbours, and obstacles ahead.

For further details regarding the event, including registration, read more here.

Linda Jakobson in conversation with The Hon Bob Carr

Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters, and The Hon Bob Carr, discuss China’s role and ambitions as a international actor at the Australia-China Relations Institute event ‘What does China want?’.

Watch video in Mandarin here from Phoenix TV 鳳凰衛視