Bretherton: Even Rinehart needed some help from China

When it comes to Australia’s future, we should be looking to agriculture, writes Hannah Bretherton, project-coordinator and researcher at China Matters, in a Sydney Morning Herald commentary about Gina Rinehart’s bid for Kidman with Chinese partners.

Read Bretherton’s opinion piece here.

(11 October 2016, The Sydney Morning Herald)

Richard Rigby provides commentary on Japan in SCS

Richard Rigby, pictured right.

Professor Richard Rigby, Executive Director of the Australian National University China Institute and advisory council member of China Matters, provides commentary on the recent decision by Japan to step up military activities in the South China Sea.

(18 September 2016, John Mendanue Blog) Read more here.

Beware the China alarmists out there










Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters, cautions against the risks of black-and-white thinking regarding Australia’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China. She notes the influence of the Chinese government in many aspects of Australian society, from the higher education sector through to individual politicians and political parties. She writes that we must value the contribution of Australian Chinese communities to our society, while at the same time we must not compromise the values that underpin Australia. To resolve this conflict, she calls for increased transparency from both Chinese and Australian individuals and institutions, as well as dealing with the Australia-China relationship with nuance and realism.

(23 September 2016, The Australian) Read more here.

Australia is centre-stage in China-US soft power contest

Paul Kelly of The Australian, expands on the implications of the remarks departing US Ambassador to Australia John Berry gave. Kelly points out that Berry’s narrative of America’s continuing dominance in the 21st century is at odds with what he describes as “the Australian elite orthodoxy about the rise and rise of China and the relative decline of the US”, and that there is a need to make a careful calculation of the relative power balance between China and the US.

(14 September 2016 The Australian) Read more here.

Bob Carr: Australia’s China panic has gone too far

Director of the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) at the University of Technology Sydney Bob Carr rebukes the thinking behind Australia’s China panic, characterising such thinking as short sighted and stuck in the Cold War. He argues Australia’s only real strategic option is to keep our options and remain pragmatic in our relationship with the US and China.

(10 September 2016 The Australian) Read more here.


WSJ Editorial: China’s influence-peddling in Australia

The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the recent controversy over Senator Sam Dastyari’s acceptance of donations from organisations tied to the government of the People’s Republic of China. It argues there is a broader “Western challenge of how to square liberal values and practices with China’s growing assertiveness”, and asks whether Australia can balance its openness to investment in a context of influence-peddling by China.

(13 September 2016 The Wall Street Journal) Read more here.