Rare Peek at Chinese Political Views

A comprehensive survey of more than 171,000 people in China gives us a rare look into political thinking in this one-party authoritarian state. Michael Forsythe has written a fascinating overview of the survey in The New York Times, 15 April 2015. Read it here.

Xi’s war on corruption hits Brighton

President Xi Jinping’s “You Die, I Live” war against corruption seems a long way from the beachside cul-de-sacs of Brighton. But it has come right to the doorstep of Zheng Jiefu, an Australian resident property developer, who has been trapped in a mafia-style shakedown involving China’s former deputy spy chief and the country’s most wanted man.  Read the Sydney Morning Herald article by John Garnaut and Philip Wen (6 April 2015)  here.

British opportunism and US fumbling

Philip Stephens of the Financial Times writes about Britain and the AIIB. He ponders the question: Can a globally integrated economic and financial system survive rising competition between the great powers, most notably the US and China. 26 March 2015. Read here.

Economic outlook for China 2015

For Dan Rosen’s insight on China’s economy in 2015, read this. A Deeper Assessment of China’s 2014 Growth. Global Economics Monthly, Center for Strategic and International Studies CSIS, January 2015.